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My Critter Catcher Combo Pack

My Critter Catcher Combo Pack

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Let's be honest, everyone finds a bug in their home from time-to-time. Fortunately, there is finally a better solution! My Critter Catcher is the perfect tool to solve this age-old problem we all experience.

My Critter Catcher's 26" long handle combined with our Truck N Travel version  (perfect for confined spaces)  gives you the power to quickly and easily catch & release all types of critters,  no matter where they might hide. Our patented soft bristles surround and enclose the critter, rendering it unable to escape.

Plus,  it keeps you at a safe and comfortable distance (over 4+ feet away with My Critter Catcher) and leaves the critters unharmed!

The perfect tool for removing ALL critters.  Whether it's spiders,  crickets,  beetles, moths,  stink bugs,  roaches,  ants,  cicadas,  ladybugs,  mantises,  scorpions, centipedes,  worms,  even wasps and bees,  you can count on My Critter Catcher to remove it.

My Critter Catcher is the only quick,  clean,  and non-lethal way to remove ANY & ALL of those uninvited guests!

Using My Critter Catcher is Easy!

1. Squeeze handle to open the soft bristles
2. Place the bristles directly over the critter
3. Release the handle to close and capture
Now you can safely carry the critter outside,  and set it free! 

Simple and effective.  My Critter Catcher and the Truck n Travel Critter Catcher are easy to use for children,  parents,  and grandparents alike.  Thus,  it makes the perfect gift!

Unlike the alternatives, My Critter Catcher means:

  • NO more spraying harmful chemicals in your home. 
  • NO more squishing and having to clean up a nasty mess. 
  • NO expensive batteries, ever. 
  • NO more yelling for someone else to help! 

Make your home a happy and healthy one. Use the smarter solution and grab a My Critter Catcher today!

My Critter Catcher has been featured in The Huffington Post,  PETA Shopping Mall,  The Dallas Morning News,  Family Circle Magazine,  Tech Insider,  Henry Ford's Innovation Nation,  and QVC just to name a few!

26" x 5" x 2.5"

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